How to Prepare Stag and Hen Parties

How to Prepare Stag and Hen Parties

How to Prepare Stag and Hen Parties like A Pro

Preparing for an event requires proper planning and eats into time and money. If you have been selected by your friends to prepare that hen do newcastle for them, fret not, with these tips it will go so well you will want to prepare many more.

Here is a guide on how to prepare stag do newcastle and hen parties like a pro:

Decide on the number of guests to attend the stag do

The number of guests attending the party will dictate the budget and the general outcome of the party. Having a large crowd may overwhelm you as well as force you to dig deeper into your pockets. It will be wise to confirm with the groom and bride on who must be on the stag do list and then you can be able to work around to a convenient number.

Make a list of everything that you will need to carry to the hen party

Having a written list of requirements makes things so much easier because you dont have to scratch your head on items you may have forgotten. This is more so for the small but necessary things such as toiletries, costumes, chargers and decorations. Dont forget to carry hard cash on top of the cards just in case you get into a situation where the card cannot sort you out. Dont forget to include a medical kit on that list to take care of any emergencies that may arise on this last night of freedom.

Time is everything for stag and hen parties

A sure way of preventing disappointment and frustration during the stag and hen party newcastle preparation is having adequate time. Selection of a good venue for instance requires that you look around into several options to see what they are offering. During the comparison, you may also be able to negotiate for the rates as opposed to the last minute booking where you have limited choice to settle for whatever rates you get. When it comes to booking of flights, do it early enough as well so that you are able to choose the best ongoing rates.

Get in touch with your hen party guests

All your preparation for the hen party may go into the drain if the guests are not kept in picture all along. Call them early enough so that they set that date just for that, if there is a color theme for the day or any other requirement, an early alert will help them prepare adequately.