Recruitment and Work Life


Recruitment can be defined as the processes of hiring new qualified personnel in an organization either to replace the one who once worked in the place or sometimes to fill the gap which an organization needs to. During recruitment, candidates analyse the job requirements and submit their all the documents required during application. The organization will go through the candidates’ documents and select the best candidate then integrate him/her in the organization. Interviews can be conducted to the applicants to determine the best from the shortlisted one. The organization can recruit more than one candidate in several posts depending on the organization need.

Jobs recruitment in the current generation has become a challenge among many countries in the world. Applying for a job one needs to have various documents. These documents may differ from the organization and the job but the common ones which are most needed when applying for a job are curriculum vitae (CV’s) and academic certificates.
Curriculum vitae (CV’s) is a detailed document showing applicant personal details, academic qualifications, work experience, hobbies and accomplishments.

Personal details are very important when applying for a job as it enables the employer to know who you are before hiring you. Most of the time applicants are needed to send their applications and to attach curriculum vitae (CV’s) before reporting for interviews. The attached documents are the one to determine whether you qualify for an interview or not.

Work life

Work life involves all the activities you undertake during the working period of your lifetime. Each working person needs to have a balanced work life in his/her lifetime. They should ensure that apart from work hours, they should consider other life aspects like social, family and leisure aspects.
Balancing your work life is of very important as this will make a stress free during work hours hence becoming efficient at work.
The human mind sometimes needs some sort of relaxation to function well and relief tiresome. The statistics show that human working hours are many than other hours in our lifetime hence calling need for work-life balancing.